Home Equity Loan Rate

Frightened of high interest rates on loans? Often, one does require additional funds for some purpose or other, but is caught in a dilemma due to the high rates of interest charged on many loans. To help, home equity loans have been established. Such loans fix a constant rate of interest and ease tensions.

A home equity loan refers to the credit which can be borrowed against the equity of your home, keeping the home as collateral. These loans are provided as a one-time lump sum and repaid over a specific time with a fixed interest rate. Such loans are used for purchasing new car, down payment on a house, or consolidating debts, besides other things.

Interest rates are always fixed, which means that there are no fluctuations in the monthly installments. Such rates may seem slightly higher than other rates from the beginning of the loan payment, but are actually affordable and reasonable when viewed later on.

Financial institutions also consider and look into our ability to pay, by researching our incomes, debts, and credit history, besides other things. Bureaus compile essential information on our name, social security number, credit history, public records, and even a list of all financial inquiries made. All this information is then boiled down to a credit score, or FICO score.

Interest rates depend on your credit rating, loan term, estimated property balance, outstanding mortgage, property type, and many other factors. Hence, with loans extending to 5 years, 10 years, and even 15 years, someone with a good credit history can borrow up to 100% of the equity value of a home at low fixed interest rates.

Leading Tree, Lower my Bills, Home Loan Center, E-loan, Liberty Bank, Net Bank, and many more are some examples of financial institutions providing good interest rates, such as 5.50% and above, for home equity loans.

Home equity loan rates are cheaper, more convenient, and highly stable. Without the unpredictability of changing payments, such loan rates are the best among all available interest rates of different loans.

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